Deputy Director

mod1Traute Meyer

Professor Traute Meyer is Professor of Social Policy within Social Sciences: Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology at the University of Southampton.

Her work contributes to comparative welfare state research in Europe, and it explores in particular the role of private agents as social policy players in European pension regimes. Traute was involved in two six-country comparative projects. She was the scientific co-ordinator (with P. Bridgen) of “Private Pensions and Social Inclusion in Europe” (January 2003-October 2005; EU, FP5), and principal investigator for the British part of “Formal and informal work in Europe” (11/02-09/05; EU, FP5). Until October 2008 (10/06-09/08) Traute was team leader of the research project “The reconstruction of British and German pension regimes”(with P. Bridgen, Southampton and B. Riedmüller, Berlin). The project was a part of the research initiative“Sustainable welfare and sustainable growth – towards a new social settlement in Germany and the United Kingdom?”, funded by the Anglo-German Foundation. The results have been published by Oxford University Press in June 2011.

Traute has been a co-investigator (with J. Clasen, P-I, and A Smith, University of Edinburgh) in the ESRC funded research project: “Welfare markets and personal risk management in England and Scotland”, October 2009-November 2011.

Since October 2012 she has been co-investigator in a project on European migration and social rights: “Free movement, pension costs: the projected pension outcomes of European Union migrants to Britain in comparative perspective”, which is part of the ESRC-funded Centre for Population Change (with P. Bridgen, 2011-13).

Since January 2007 Traute has been one of the editors of the Journal of European Social Policy and she is a board member of the Network for European Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet).