International Relations and Governance

Colleagues at the University of Southampton working in this arena pertaining to contemporary China have explored or are exploring the following diverse arrays of research puzzles: (1) policy network, governance and local knowledge in Western democracies and their implications for China; (2) why and how a combination of internal and external environments Beijing faces today may hinder China’s rise as an emerging power to challenge US supremacy; (3) the impact of production globalization on security with reference to China; (4) the interactions between foreign news organizations and the Chinese government; (5) sovereignty challenges faced by China arising from the country’s peripheral areas and their implications for international politics.

Theme Leads


Dr Monique Chu

Dr Ming-chin Monique Chu is Lecturer in Chinese Politics, Employability Officer within Social Sciences: Politics & International Relations at the University of Southampton.

Dr Ming-chin Monique Chu joined the University of Southampton in September 2014 as a lecturer in Chinese Politics at the Department of Politics and International Relations. She gained MPhil and PhD degrees in international relations from the University of Cambridge. Her research sits within the areas of political economy and security of international relations. Her specific research interests include the impact of globalization on security, the concepts of sovereignty and contested states, media and international relations, Chinese foreign policy, and China-Taiwan relations.

Monique’s doctoral research focused on the production globalization of the semiconductor industry and its security repercussions. It examines in particular the migration of the Taiwanese chip industry to China and its economic, technological and defence security challenges for the United States, China and Taiwan. Her first research monograph, The East Asian Computer Chip War, builds further on her doctoral work and was published by Routledge in November 2013.

Before coming to Southampton, Monique taught at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) as well as the University of Oxford. In 2012, she was one of the joint runners-up for the prestigious SOAS Director’s Teaching Prize. In June 2014, she won a research grant of €19, 315 for a research project entitled China’s Sovereignty Challenges, from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange. In December 2014, she won the University of Southampton Annual Adventures in Research Award 2015 of GBP 9,980 to support her ongoing field trips for the research undertaking.

Monique’s academic work builds on wider work experience as an award-winning political journalist in Asia. This experience has given her insight into the way governments work in Asia, and a substantial network of contacts in the Asia-Pacific region.


Monique’s most current research project draws insights from the works by Stephen D. Krasner to explore China’s sovereignty challenges. In June 2014, she won a research grant of €19, 315 for this proposed research undertaking from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange. This study will lead to several journal articles and a research monograph. It will shed light on the degrees of resistance to Beijing’s rule from the three entities and their ramifications for international politics.



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Book Section

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Conference Paper

Or, Nick H. K. (2016). Executive’s Legislative Performance during Gradual Liberalization and Party Fragmentation in Authoritarian Regime: Hong Kong from 1985 to 2008. Political Studies Association 66th Annual International Conference 2016 “Politics and the Good Life”, Brighton, UK, 21st to 23rd March 2016.

Or, Nick H. K. (2015). Authoritarian-controlled Press and Political Oppositions under Press Freedom: The Case of Post-handover Hong Kong. Political Studies Association Media and Politics Group Annual Conference “Mediating Democracy”, University of Chester, 5th & 6th November 2015

Or, Nick H. K. (2015). Good mood policy negative bubble? Illustration with chronic housing shortage in Hong Kong. ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Warsaw, Poland, 29 March – 2 April 2015 and Political Studies Association Postgraduate Network 2015 Conference  ‘Critical Junctures and Turning Points’, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, 29 June 2015


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Staff & PhD Students



Professor Rod Rhodes

Professor Rod Rhodes’s research interests include policy networks, governance, and the craft of public administration. He is a member of the advisory board of the ‘Collaborative Innovation Center for Public Policy and Local Governance’, a Provincial ‘2011 Collaborative Innovation Center’ at Xiamen University. He also delivered lectures in a number of universities in Mainland China, including School of Public Affairs at Xiamen University, Faculty of Finance and Public Administration at Hubei University of Economics, and School of Political Science and Public Administration at Wuhan University.





Research topics

Policy networks, governance, and the craft of public administration.

Lectures in China: Oct 2015

Ethnography and narrative policy analysis
The craft of public administration
Academic writing and publishing

School of Public Affairs, Xiamen University;
Faculty of Finance and Public Administration, Hubei University of Economics;
School of Political Science and Public Administration, Wuhan University.

1. The New Governance: governing without Government
Political Studies, 44 (4), 1996: 652-67. Reprinted in: S. Osborne (Ed.), Critical Perspectives in Public Management (London: Routledge, 2001); in Spanish as ‘La nueva gobernanza: gobernar sin gobierno’, in Agusti Cerrillo I Martinez (Coordinator), La Gobernanza Hoy: 10 Textos de Referencia (Madrid: Instituto Nacional de Administraciόn Pública, 2005): 99-122; R. A.W. Rhodes (Ed.), United Kingdom. 2 volumes. Aldershot and Brookfield, Vermont: Dartmouth 2000, Volume I: 109-24; M. Bevir (Ed), Public Governance. Volume 1. Theories of Governance. London: Sage: 1-19; and and in Bellamy, Richard and Palumbo, Antonino (Eds.), From Government to Governance (Ashgate 2010).

“新的治理”,原载英国《政治学研究》1996年第44卷第4期,第652-667页,收录于俞可平主编:《治理与善治》,社会科学文献出版 社,2004年:第86-106页

CJPA2014 publication

罗茨著, R.A.W王宇颖译. 如何管理政策网络?[J]. 中国行政管理, (11) 2015.


Member of the advisory board of the ‘Collaborative Innovation Center for Public Policy and Local Governance’, a Provincial ‘2011 Collaborative Innovation Center’ at Xiamen University.


Dr John Glenn


Dr. John Glenn is the author of the forthcoming book China’s Challenge to US Supremacy, to be published by by Palgrave Macmillan.









Visiting Scholar


Dr YANG Yanan, Assistant Professor, Hubei University of Economics

Dr Yang Yanan is an assistant Professor of Hubei University of Economics who specializes in innovation policy and innovation governance. Dr Yang is visiting the Department of Politics and International Relations to collaborate with colleagues on research focusing on innovation governance of local governments in United Kingdom and China. Dr Yang is supported by a scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).



Mr Nick Or

Nick Or is a PhD student in Politics. His research interests include public policy, legislative politics, media and social movements. His thesis examines the dynamics of legislation process in Hong Kong Legislative Council before and after handover.





Miss Yongmei Li

Having accumulated much experience in China collective action and grass-root organization research, now I am continuing my exploration on the relation between local government and community organizations in terms of political participation in both UK and China, looking forward to any queries or ideas about local democracy and state-society relations.

My previous works mainly revolved around urban governance and community organization including several times fieldwork in central and eastern part of China. Thus some of my publications are based upon the qualitative fieldwork study I have done before. Additionally, my Master Degree thesis is also a qualitative work on homeowner association governance, and the title is The Research on Homeowner Association Governance of Commodity Residential Building in Urban Area—-From the Perspective of Social Conflict Governance.